Expert Bathroom Remodels and Renovations in Monroe Township, NJ



As New Jersey-licensed plumbers, the possibilities available with your bathroom remodel are endless. With over 40 years in the plumbing industry with a stellar reputation, we have the expertise to creatively utilize the space in order to give you options in creating a bathroom that you’ll love.

Create an Oasis

Get the bathroom of your dreams with a complete bathroom overhaul. From ceilings to floors, Abbott Plumbing can transform your bathroom. We remove popcorn ceiling, install can lighting, vanity lighting, new showers, bath tubs, toilets and vanities. With the best concrete backing, you can rest assured that your tiled areas will last longer, resist mold and look beautiful for years to come. No matter your home’s style, whether it’s modern, traditional or contemporary, we have the design aesthetic to help you achieve it.

Accessibility Renovations for the Bathroom

For senior citizens and the disabled, the bathroom can be a very dangerous place. To reduce the hazards in your bathroom, call the adaptive equipment specialists at Abbott Plumbing. We install custom tubs, toilet and shower railings to decrease falls and other accidents when caring for dependent individuals.

If your bathroom is in general disrepair, we are the contractors to call to get to the bottom of common bathroom repairs. If you’re living with uneven floors, tiles falling off the wall, shifting tile or vinyl flooring and lack of bathroom storage space in your Monroe Township, NJ home, call us today to schedule your free estimate.

No matter the job, contact our professionals at Abbott Plumbing for all of your installation or custom work needs today.